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VUST Honorary Professors

Virginia University of Science & Technology has significantly benefited from the input of many distinguished Honorary Professors and Guest Speakers. The Honorary Professors at VUST are all experts in the fields of Cybersecurity, Network Security, Information Assurance, Big Data, Clouding Engineering, Advanced Business Technology and Marketing Analysis, and Computer Science, etc. They are well-known scholars from the world’s most prestigious universities. They provide outstanding contributions to the University by assisting with expert advice, conducting seminars, and delivering online specific lectures. The Honorary Professors at VUST are the faculty without employment and salary, nor compensation from VUST. .



Experts & Academic Achievement

Hon. Professor John C. Mather

2006 Nobel Prize in Physics Laureate,

Senior Project Science,


Ph.D. in Physics, University of California at Berkeley, CA, in 1974

Dr. John Cromwell Mather is an American astrophysicist, cosmologist and Nobel Prize in Physics Laureate for his work on the Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite (COBE) with George Smoot.
This work helped cement the big-bang theory of the universe. According to the Nobel Prize committee, “the COBE-project can also be regarded as the starting point for cosmology as a precision science.”
Dr. Mather is a senior astrophysicist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in Maryland and an adjunct professor of physics at the University of Maryland College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences. In 2007, Dr. Mather was listed among Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in The World. In October, 2012, he was listed again by Time magazine in a special issue on New Space Discoveries as one of 25 most influential people in space.
Dr. Mather is also the project scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), a space telescope scheduled to be launched to Lagrange Point L2 in 2020.

Dr. Mather also serves as a senior member in many educational committees and board of directors: National Academy of Sciences committee on GP-B in 2003; Board of Directors, Center for Excellence in Education in 2008; National Academy of Science committee, “Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards” in 2010 – 2011; NAS Board on Science Education in 2015 -.

Hon. Professor T.H. Lee Williams

Senior Vice President for Research, 1999 -2009,

Graduate College Dean, 1999 – 2016

Full Professor

University of Oklahoma, Norman,

Ph.D. in Remote Sensing, University of Bristol, United Kingdom of British, in 1977

Dr. Williams is a world-known expert in the fields of Remote Sensing and Radar Image Processing.
Williams received his Ph.D. in 1977 from the University of Bristol, United Kingdom of British. After graduation, he taught in the geography and electrical engineering departments at the University of Kansas. During this time he also conducted research at the Radar Systems and Remote Sensing Lab and as a consultant for Unesco at the Haryana Agricultural University in India. He joined the University of Oklahoma in 1986 as an associate professor in geography and director of the Geoscience Remote Sensing Group.
Dr. Williams was appointed as Senior Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate College in 1999. Dean Williams sought to create an environment at the university that struck a balance between the demands of teaching and pursuing academic research and publication. By developing expanded funding for research professorships, decreasing time to graduation and tracking student progress through degree programs, Dean Williams has worked to ensure that the Graduate College produces the highest caliber graduates and ground-breaking research.
Dean Williams also seeks to emphasize the underlying academic principles and standards that run throughout the University. While the demands of each department vary greatly, the ultimate goal of producing well-rounded students and high level scholarship is the same in all. By focusing on the academic standards behind each petition to the Graduate College, Dean Williams has worked to create a consistent set of standards throughout the university. He and the staff of the Graduate College have worked to restructure their regulations and procedures to ensure that the departments have the resources and support to attract, educate and, ultimately, graduate students.

One of the most successful initiatives undertaken by Dean Williams has been the development of fellowship programs. Over the last decade, the number of Alumni Fellows at the university has nearly doubled. The achievements of these top flight students have, in turn, increased the ability of the departments to raise additional educational and research funding. Dean Williams’ program to obtain funds from the OU Foundation to match private donations for fellowships has effectively doubled the number of new fellows funded in recent years.
Dr. Williams was Dr. Martin Ma’s Advisor when Dr. Ma was a Doctor Student, Post-Doctor Fellow, and Research Scientist at the University of Oklahoma from 1990 – 1994.

Hon. Professor Paul Tiao

Senior Counselor to US FBI Director Robert Mueller,


Department of Computer Science,

Georgetown University,

J.D & Ph.D. in Law School from the Columbia University in 1995

Dr. Tiao had been Senior Counselor for Cybersecurity & Technology to US FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, 2009-2013, and Senior Counsel to U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin, U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary, 2007 – 2008; Serve on the Virginia Cybersecurity Commission, the Maryland Cybersecurity Council, and the Montgomery County Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission since 2010;

Teach a graduate school class on cybersecurity laws, regulations, and policies at Georgetown University since 2013.
Advised the Director and Deputy Director on cybersecurity, electronic surveillance, intellectual property crimes, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, laboratory testing, and other issues.
• Represented the FBI Director in discussions on programs, policies, cases, and operations, including: interagency meetings at the White House with national security staff and the IP Enforcement Coordinator; meetings at DOJ with the Attorney General, Deputy AG, and various Assistant AGs; and meetings of the Cyber Division and Science and Technology Branch at FBI.
• Represented the FBI in interagency efforts to coordinate the U.S. government’s response to major cyber intrusions with national security implications.
• Briefed members of Congress and staff on cybersecurity. Formulated policy positions and drafted cyber legislative language. Helped to coordinate congressional cyber strategy.
• Handled every major executive branch cyber policy initiative from 2009 – 13, including the administration’s cybersecurity legislative proposal; Presidential Policy Directives on cybersecurity operations, critical infrastructure protection, and preparedness; and a table-top exercise led by cabinet officials.
• Led intra-agency team in the development of a plan to re-organize the FBI Cyber Division and the FBI-led National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force.

Hon. Professor Jim Chen

Full Professor,

Department of Computer Science,

George Mason University,

Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida, in 1995

Dr. Chen is currently director of the Computer Graphics Lab at GMU and editor-in-chief (EIC) of AIP/IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE). He served as general co-chair of IEEE VR2006. Jim’s research interests include computer graphics, virtual reality, visualization, networking security, information assurance and simulation. He authored 2 books and 2 book chapters, edited 2 conference proceedings, published over 150 research papers, and acquired 3 patents. Jim guided 20 Ph.D. dissertations. Eight of his former Ph.D. students are currently professors. Jim received honorary professorships at Fudan University, Central South University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Beijing Jiaotong University, and Hoseo University. On consulting basis, he is the Oversea’s Dean of School of Electrical Engineering at Southwest Jiaotong University and Senior Vice President of Virginia University of Science & Technology.

Hon. Professor Doris Sartor

Senior Executive Director (SES) & Professor,

Air Command and Staff College, Maxwell AFB, US Air Force
National President of BIG

Ph.D. in Higher Educational Leadership & Technology from Auburn University, in 1992

Dr. Sartor is an outstanding professor and Senior Executive Program Director at Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell AFB in Alabama since 1992. Dr. Sartor is an expert of Higher Education Leadership. She has been teaching the Leadership for Air Force Senior Commanders for more than 15 years. Dr. Sartor also serves as National President of  the National Organization of Blacks in Government (BIG) that there are more than 200,000 members of governmental officers, many of BIG members are/were top executive level government leaders(such as SES,  ES V, etc.). She has served as Curriculum Manager and Course Program Director in the Ira C. Eaker Center 2008-2015; GS-15 Leadership Executive Course Program Director, Executive Director, and CADRE commander, etc., at Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development and College of Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education, Maxwell Air Force Base 1995 – 2007.

Dr. Sartor received numerous honors and awards, such as Federal Employee of Year (2012), Exemplary Civilian Service Award, Distinguished Service Award, Leadership Academy Award (2007-2012) and etc.

Hon. Professor Bill Y. Chang

Special Advisor to SVP, University of Hawaii System,

Professor, University of Michigan, 1979-88

Senior Director, NSF. 1989-2004, 2009-2016.

The First Director of NSF Programs in Beijing, U.S. Embassy in China, 2005-08

Ph.D. in Biology from Indiana University in 1978

Dr. William Y. Chang serves as the Special Advisor, Office of Vice President for Research and Innovation at the University of Hawaii System. He was the Head of the East Asia and the Pacific Regional Programs, National Science Foundation until April, 2016. He served as the First Director of the National Science Foundation’s Beijing Office and S&T Attached at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing beginning in May, 2005. After completing his service in China, he returned to the Office of the Director in November, 2008. In 2011, he served as Acting Executive Officer/Acting Deputy Director of the Office International Science and Engineering, NSF.
Prior to heading NSF’s Beijing Office, Dr. Chang was the Program Director responsible for the Foundation’s cooperative programs with China, Taiwan, Mongolia and Southeast Asia, in the Office of International Science and Engineering.
Before coming to NSF, Dr. Chang was a faculty member in aquatic ecology at the University of Michigan between 1979 and 1988. From 1990-1993, in addition to his NSF position, he also served as a Distinguished Visiting Scientist at the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Research Laboratory at Corvallis, Oregon, leading an international research effort on the impact of monsoons on large lake ecosystems.
He has served as science advisor to many research institutes and national committees, and as Senior Technical Adviser to the United Nations Development Program. Dr. Chang is the author of more than ninety publications in the areas of ecology, environmental science, and water resources. He has edited three books and served on the advisory and editorial boards of five learned societies.
Dr. Chang is expert in the fields of Ecology, Environmental Science, Water Resources, Cyber-infrastructure and its use in education, Advanced Internet Networks.

Virginia University of Science and Technology cordially invites all experts and professors in the fields of cybersecurity, big data, cloud computing, computer science, computing engineering, advanced business technology, and marketing analysis from the world’s most prestigious universities and Federal Agencies to join VUST honorable professor team. If you are interested in being VUST’s Honorable Professors, please send your updated resume to Dr. Martin Ma via email: