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Scholastic Standing


scholatoc1All students will be in one of the following classifications:
  • Good Standing: 3.00 GPA or better for both the term and the cumulative average for graduate students.
  • Probation: a deficiency of up to 5 credit points or 2 3-hours courses with lower than 3.0 GPA.
  • Enrollment Withheld: a deficiency of 10 credit hours or above for the term or cumulative average; or the third or greater incidence of probation.

Reinstated on Probation: Enrollment Withheld, but reinstated by the Scholastic Standing Committee.

Enrollment Withheld Waived: Enrollment Withheld status remains but the petition process is waived because previous reinstatement conditions were met.

Mandatory Leave: University decision requiring a leave from VUST based upon unsatisfactory academic performance.  Students will have to petition for reinstatement to return after their required leave has been fulfilled.

Dismissal: University decision based upon failure to meet the conditions of reinstatement. Student is no longer eligible to enroll in VUST.

Scholastic standing action will be determined as follows:


When a student has a deficiency 5 credit hours for either the term or cumulative GPA, the student is placed on probation. The notation “Probation” will be entered on the unofficial transcript.

Enrollment Withheld

A student will have the notation “Enrollment Withheld” placed on his/her transcript and will not be allowed to enroll in classes if: a) on Probation for the third or greater time; or, b) a deficiency of 10 credit hours or more in either the term or the cumulative GPA.

The student must meet with his/her program advisor to discuss the petition.  The petition must document the reasons for the unsatisfactory performance, and it needs to offer sufficient and convincing evidence that another opportunity is warranted. If illness has been a factor, students must include supporting information, including a statement (with dates) from their physician. Documentation supporting other contributing factors must also be included.


Permanent dismissal from the Virginia University of Science & Technology is based upon a student’s failure to meet the conditions of reinstatement. Students are no longer eligible to enroll in or attend VUST. Students also lose the privilege of petitioning the University for reinstatement.

C Grades

For graduate students, Credit is generally allowed for a course in which a grade of “C” is earned while enrolled in VUST, but there are restrictions:

The “C” level of performance or lower is not considered satisfactory for a course that is a prerequisite for a later-elected course; in this case, the course must be repeated before electing the next course unless waived by the program advisor.

Maximum of 2 3-credit-hour courses with a grade of “C” is allowed for graduate students, Office of Academic Affairs will send a warning letter or email to the students.

A student received “C” grades for 3 3-credit-hour courses or 9 credit hours not a satisfactory of graduate program. The student will be asked to withdraw from graduate program..

Transfer Students

Transfer credit will be granted for courses taken outside Virginia University of Science & Technology campus, provided a grade of “B” or better is earned.

The maximum of credit hours can be transferred is 15 semester-credit hours or 22 trimester credit hours.