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Disciplinary Hearing Procedures

dhp2Disciplinary Action

If a student is found responsible for violation(s) of Virginia University of Science & Technology’s Standards of Conduct, disciplinary action will be taken.

Infractions have led to actions ranging from positive actions and university warnings to expulsion. Even in the most challenging situations, however, the university seeks first and foremost to educate its students and make decisions regarding disciplinary actions from an educative perspective. The descriptions provided below are intended to inform students of the range of possible consequences for failing to uphold the standards of conduct. In each case, factors such as the nature and gravity of the incident, the motivation underlying the behavior, the student’s disciplinary history, the impact of the behavior on the educational community, and precedent in similar cases will be considered in determining the appropriate disciplinary action(s). Thedhp4 disciplinary actions listed below may be used separately or in combination with one another. Failure to comply with any disciplinary action will result in additional conduct charges and may result in additional disciplinary action(s).

Positive Actions

Positive actions are required activities intended to engage the student in a positive learning experience related to the student’s inappropriate behavior and allow students to reflect upon their inappropriate behavior, learn new information about the behavior in which they engaged and why it is inappropriate or unacceptable, and/or educate other students so they do not find themselves in similar circumstances. This type of disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, engaging in a campus or community service project, attending or presenting a program related to the implications of the student’s conduct, writing a paper, interviewing someone or engaging in some type of personal assessment, mediation or counseling.

University Warning

A university warning is a formal notice that the behavior or set of behaviors is inappropriate and violates the basic expectations of students as set forth by Virginia University of Science & Technology. A letter of warning is placed in the student’s file and may be considered if the student engages in further inappropriate behavior.


Restitution is compensation required of students who engage in the theft, misuse, damage or destruction of institutional, group or private property. The amount of restitution is dependent on the extent of damage as well as what is determined to be the most appropriate way for a student to make amends for the damage he/she caused. The amount, form and method of payment for restitution are decided by a student conduct administrator.


For some offenses, including violations of the university alcohol and drug policies, fines may be imposed. Money collected will be used to support Virginia University of Science & Technology’s educational programming.

Limitations on Activities

Limitations on activities are assigned because the prohibition from participation in certain activities has been determined to be in the best interest of the student and/or the university. Limitations on activities may include, but are not limited to, a fixed period of ineligibility for service as an officer or member of any university organizations or as a member of any university committees, boards or councils or as a participant in any intercollegiate activity; ineligibility to receive or maintain any award from the university; prohibition from attendance at social events; restricted entrance into various university buildings; or restriction from all forms of contact with certain person(s).

University Probation

University probation is a formal notice to the student that he/she has engaged in behavior that is unacceptable within the university community and that if continued or if other inappropriate behavior follows, more severe action may be taken, including the possibility of suspension or expulsion from Virginia University of Science & Technology. Probation is for a fixed period of time that is determined by the conduct administrator or conduct board adviser and approved by the associate dean of students. Official notice of probation will be provided to the student and the student’s parents or guardian, if the student is a dependent, and the student’s college or program.


Suspension from the university involves the exclusion of the student from participation in any academic or other activities of the university for a specified period. Written notification of this action will be provided to the student and his/her parents or guardian, if the student is a dependent, and to the student’s college. Suspension from the university further involves the following: The action of suspension will be noted on the student’s disciplinary record and academic transcript; the student will be withdrawn from all courses carried that semester according to the policy of his/her college or school; the student shall forfeit fees according to the normal refund schedule of the university; the student must refrain from visiting the university premises unless engaged in official business approved in writing by the dean of students or his/her designee; the suspension may include any other disciplinary action judged to be of value to the student.

Reinstatement from suspension: When a student has concluded the suspension period and completed the conditions accompanying the suspension, he/she must submit a letter to the dean of students or his/her designee requesting reinstatement and provide evidence that he/she has satisfied the terms of the suspension. The student may return to the university only after an affirmative decision has been made by the dean of students or his/her designee.


Expulsion is the most serious university disciplinary action and involves the permanent exclusion of the student from the university. Expulsion involves the following: forfeiture of all rights and degrees not actually conferred at the time of the expulsion; notification of the expulsion provided to the student, the student’s college and his/her parents or guardian if the student is a dependent; permanent notation of the expulsion on the student’s disciplinary record and academic transcript; withdrawal from all courses according to the policies of the student’s college or program; and forfeiture of tuition and fees according to the university’s normal refund schedule. Any student expelled from the university must refrain from visiting the university premises unless engaged in official business approved in writing by the dean of students or his/her designee.

Postponement of Activity Participation and Conferring of Honors and Degrees

The university reserves the right to delay or postpone the involvement of a student in any university-related activity or delay or postpone the conferring of any honor or degree during the pendency of any of the student conduct procedures or actions.