VUST 3The Virginia University of Science & Technology (DBA: VUST) is a private, in-state institution of higher education located in Tysons, Virginia. The university offers a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program and three graduate certificate programs. Students may ask the question: Why should I study at Virginia University of Science & Technology? The following are some examples of how VUST helps students to succeed in their careers:

Offer One of the Best Cybersecurity Programs at the MDV Region: VUST is one of the few Universities tState-of-arts classroomhat commits to excellence, success and leadership in the Cybersecurity with state-of-the-art facility and cutting-edge technology. VUST is one of 7 universities that offers Master Degree of Science in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance (MSCIA) in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area and DC-Maryland-Virginia (DMV) region. There are 36 universities in this region. In Virginia, VUST is one of 10 universities offering MSCIA among hundreds of universities and colleges. The following is the screenshot from the SCHEV Official Website.


you can see from above screenshot that The Master Degree of Cybersecurity offered at VUST is exact the same as the degree offered by other well-known universities, such as George Mason University  (#102 in National Universities), Virginia Commonwealth University (#164 National Universities, #87 in Top Public School), or Hampton University (#18 in South Universities, #3 in Historic Black Universities), etc.

In addition, VUST offers the Master Certification of Cybersecurity programs are the same as the Certifications offered by these top pristigious universities, such as University of Virginia (#24 in National University, #1 in Top Public University), and Virginia Tech (#74 in National Universities, #27 in Top Public Schools), etc.


High Qualified Professors: All professors at VUST who teach MSCIA program have Ph.D. in the field of Computer Science, Computing Engineering, or Electronic Engineering from US or international top universities. These professors are senior level managers, technical leaders, chief scientists and project engineers in governmental agencies and large defense corporations with at least 15 years of experience in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. Most of them also are Adjunct professors at Georgetown, George Washington, George Mason, and etc. VUST has 26 professors who are expert in the field. VUST has a much stronger professors team than other universities in the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) region.

Affordable Tuition & Scholarships: VUST’s tuition is only 1/3 cost compared to area colleges and universities. The tuition at VUST is $575.00 per credit – it is even lower than in-state tuitions of most Virginia public universities/college. For example, GMU’s in-state tuition is $698.00 per credit and out-state tuition is $1398.00 per credit.   If one enrolls the same program at George Washington University or Johns Hopkins University, it costs almost 4 times much as cost at VUST.   In addition, VUSY also offers two types of scholarships for grifted students : Dean Scholarship of $2,500 per year for students with GPA of 3.50 in their Bachelor degree programs and President Scholarship for students with GPA of 3.75 or above in their Bachelor program study.

Long-term Secure and High-pay Jobs: There is a high demand in the current job market for Senior Cybersecurity Engineers and Information Assurance professionals in local, national andworld-wide. Researchers have found that cybersecurity jobs took 36% longer to fill, and cybersecurity engineers are more highly compensated than the average worker. The average salary for all IT job postings was $77,642 , while the average salary for a cybersecurity posting was $93,028 nationwide and $116,200 in the Greater Washington Region in 2016. The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor projected there is at least 15 years of job security for those who work in the field of Cybersecurity, while many other IT professionals may have to look for a new job in a verage of approximately 5-years.

Huge Jobs Demand at Local Markets: In a March 2017 report, The Washington Post described the D.C. area is a “hotbed for cybersecurity jobs” and that “Burning Glass conducts daily reviews of job postings across 32,000 online sites…. The company said that the Washington metropolitan area had more than 23,000 job postings for cybersecurity positions in May 2017, a figure that far surpasses the number of such postings in any other region. New York had the second-highest number with just over 15,000. The San Francisco-San Jose metro area, which includes Silicon Valley, had more than 12,000.”  Just DMV region need approximately 50,000—70,000 Cybersecurity Engineers within two years. All universities at this region only have about 500—600 graduates in 2016-17 academic year with Master degree of Cybersecurity or Information Assurance.

Convenience Locations: The VUST campus is located in Tysons, Virginia at 8400 Westpark Drive, Suite 118, Tysons, Virginia 22102-3522.  Tysons is a suburb of the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. it will be the “next Great American City”- 21 Century Green Smart City and is a 25-40 minute drive from most of the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. VUST is easily accessible via the DC Metro System from all directions of the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area (GWMA). VUST’s main campus is only one block from both Greensboro Station and Spring Hill Station on the Silver line.