Tuition & Fees


The following tuition and fees are in effect for the 2016-17 academic year. They have been set at the minimum permissible levels for a financially responsible operation by the VUST Board of Directors & Trustees. Gifts and grants received through the generosity of alumni, industry, foundations, government and friends play an important part in keeping the cost of tuition as low as possible.

 Non-Refundable Application Fee:                                  $60.00  

English Placement Test Fee:                                         $25.00

Tuition Per Credit Hour Graduate:                                  $575.00

Audit Tuition Per Credit:                                                 $287.50

Registration Fee Per Course:                                         $60.00   

Late Registration Fee:                                                   $60.00  

Add/Drop Fee:                                                               $60.00  

Replacement Diploma:                                                  $100.00

Registrar‘s Affidavit for Diploma:                                    $50.00

Replacement ID Card:                                                   $25.00

Challenge Exam Fee:                                                   $250.00

Transcripts per Copy:                                                     $10.00

Add $20.00 for Express Transcript (Processed within 48 hours)

Returned Check Fee:                                                    $50.00

University Notary Service:                                               $5.00

Overnight/Express Shipping:                                          Varies

Apostille Fee:                                                                $150.00


Students are responsible for full payment of all tuition and fees on or before the due dates set forth by VUST.  While VUST does not offer payment plans, it will assist students with information on financial institutions that might provide such plans.  Contact VUST business office for more information on requirements. No grade reports, transcripts or diplomas will be issued to a student as long as an unpaid balance exists in his or her account.

 Add/Drop Fees

If a student decides to either drop, add, or both drop and add a class after the first day of the quarter and before the end of the late registration period, an add/drop fee will be charged.

Late Registration Fees

 If a student initially registers for a class either on or after the first day of the quarter, a late registration fee will be charged.

Policies for Refund, Withdraw, and Cancellation

Rejection:  An applicant rejected by VUST is entitled to a refund of all monies paid.

Three-Day Cancellation: An applicant who provides written notice of cancellation within three (3) business days, excluding weekends and holidays, of executing the enrollment agreement is entitled to a refund of all monies paid, excluding the $100 non-refundable application fee.

Other Cancellations: An applicant requesting cancellation more than three (3) days after executing the enrollment agreement and making an initial payment, but prior to the first day of class, is entitled to a refund of all monies paid, less a maximum tuition fee of 15% of the stated cost of the course or $100, whichever is less.

 Withdrawal Procedure:

A student choosing to withdraw from VUST after the commencement of classes is to provide a written notice to the Director of VUST.  The notice must include the expected last date of attendance and be signed and dated by the student.

If special circumstances arise, a student may request, in writing, a leave of absence, which should include the date the student anticipates the leave beginning and ending.  The withdrawal date will be the date the student is scheduled to return to from the leave of absence but fails to do so.

A student will be determined to be withdrawn from the institution if the student misses seven consecutive instructional days and all of the days are unexcused.

Refund Policy:

VUST will submit refunds to individuals who have terminated their status as students within 45 days after receipt of a written request or the date the student last attended classes, whichever is sooner.

Proportion of Total Program Taught by Withdrawal Date Tuition Refund
Less than 25% 75% of program cost
25% up to but less than 50% 50% of program cost
50% up to but less than s75% 25% of program cost
75% or more No Refund