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Why Support VUST?

Virginia University of Science & Technology (VUST) stands true to its mission to build faith, character and a commitment to service in the students it educates. VUST has had a transformational impact on thousands of lives. As we look to the future the University plans to expand its Cybersecurity & Information Assurance programs, continue facility enhancements, offer additional advanced degrees and attract outstanding scholar-professors to raise the university’s academic profile. All this plus generous scholarship support will ensure the ability to recruit and retain the “best and brightest” students.

This vision is attainable, but depends greatly on the generosity of corporations, organizations, private sections, friends, and faculty and staff. From annual gifts that make an immediate impact to endowed and planned gifts that last for generations, your support helps to ensure a bright future for the University and our students. No matter the amount, your gift does make a difference in the following ways:

Strengthens academic programs

Your support enhances the recruitment and retention of quality students, faculty and staff, and improves campus facilities and services.

Helps make VUST accessible to all

Your support is vital to the success of the many our students who receive financial aid. Plus, tuition only accounts for portion of the cost of educating operation at VUST – the rest of operation cost need from generous grants and donors. We is planning to provide all kinds of scholarships to at least one-third of full-time students.

Affects VUST’s regional/national accreditation & ranking

Regional/national accreditation committees/associations will look the percentage of scholarship and finance aid would be provided by universities and colleges; the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings take into account the scholarship giving rate.

Inspires others to give

Your donation is a vote of confidence that shows corporations and foundations that VUST is supported by its community.

No matter the amount, your gift makes a difference!

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