VUST Student Affairs

OSA6Office of  VUST Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) at VUST is committed to maximizing the student experience from the minute they first make contact with VUST all the way until they graduate and become contributing members of our global society. Our dedicated staff members specialize in community outreach, student health and wellbeing, leadership building, civic engagement, and cultural appreciation, to name just a few.

On a broader perspective, we work with constituents throughout the state, country, and world to deliver on the university’s core mission of preparing students for productive and successful lives. As a result, VUST students prosper personally and academically from being part of an exciting, dynamic, and diverse student body.

Such an affirmation of the VUST difference may be directly traced to our continuing emphasis on four essential life components:OSA5

Learning…to Make a Difference

Signature Leadership Experiences

Vibrant Campus Communities

Wellbeing: Healthy, and Engaged for a Sustainable World

Within each of these essential components, an array of special programs, internships, workshops, educational campaigns, and resource centers encourage personal growth and service opportunities.

Please contact the Office of Development at 703-298-5852 or via our contact form to discuss partnership opportunities for your company or foundation.