Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement

Payment4Be advised, the Student Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement is a legal document that explains the tuition and fees, payment policy, payment methods, financial responsibilities for students attending classes at the Virginia University of Science & Technology (VUST). The student’s signature on this agreement confirms his/her financial obligation to the University. It is important to keep a copy of this signed form for your records.

Completion of the Student Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement is required for all student’s enrolled in classes at the University. Failure to return this agreement will result in a registration hold prohibiting the student from registering for future terms.

VUST is an academic community built on respect for all persons. VUST adheres to adisclosure strict policy of dignity, equality, and nondiscrimination regarding the treatment of all students. In accordance with federal law and applicable Commonwealth of Virginia statutes, VUST does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or veteran status in finance, scholarships, tuition payment, tuition discount, employment or in any program or activity offered or sponsored by VUST.

VUST maintains a grievance procedure incorporating due process available to any person who believes he or she has been discriminated against.  Inquiries concerning the grievance procedure or compliance with federal and commonwealth laws and guidelines should be addressed to the VUST President.

Payment3All student MUST download the University Payment Agreement and Disclosure Statement, sign, notary, and then submit it to Finance Office.

Any question, contact Finance Office via email: