Cyber9Master of Science in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance (MSCIA)

Our mission states that our “initial purpose is to meet the growing need for highly-skilled, graduate-trained, job-ready men and women primarily in the computer and information technology industry, with particular emphasis on the security sector.”  Our first College is the College of Cybersecurity & Information Assurance (CIA), whose mission is to provide state-of-the-art graduate programs for the education of computing and telecommunications professionals, particularly in the area of cybersecurity in various industries.

The first program to be offered at VUST will be a Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity &Cyber7 Information Assurance.  Courses in this 45-credit program, which are described below, have been designed by cybersecurity academic and industry professionals to prepare graduates with job-ready skills. The program includes a choice of two specialization tracks: System Cybersecurity and Operation Assurance along with an optional capstone independent study worth three credits.

Students in the Master of Science degree in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance must complete 45 quarter credit hours, including:


University Requirements: 3 credit hours (each course is 1 credit hour)

VUST 500 – Leadership & Change Management
VUST 510 – Communication Skills and Technical Writing
VUST 520 – Understanding American Corporation Culture



Core Courses: 15 credit hours (each course is 3 credit hours)

CSIS 500 – Principles of Security in Computing
CSIS 512 – Cybersecurity Infrastructures
CSIS 518 – Cryptography & Network Security
CSIS 520 – Strategies and Practices for Cyberspace Threats and Defense
CSIS 594 – Legal and Ethical Aspects of Cybersecurity

Specialization Tracks: 12 credit hours (choose 4 courses)

Track 1: System Cybersecurity (each course is 3 credit hours)

CSIS 510 – Trusted Computing
CSIS 530 – System Assessment & Security Risk Analysis
CSIS 570 – Enterprise Security Technologies
CSIS 580 – Cybersecurity Intelligence/Counter Intelligence

Track 2: Operation Assurance (each course is 3 credit hours)

CSIS 585 – Malware Analysis and Defense
CSIS 592 – Forensic Evaluation and Incident Response Management
CSIS 595 – Information System Auditing and Monitoring
CSIS 665 – Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Electives:  12 credit hours – Choose 4 courses (each course is 3 credit hours) 

In addition to the following courses, any of the specialization area courses may be used as electives:

CSIS 528 – Network Principles
CSIS 536 – Computing Operation Systems
CSIS 560 – Introduction to Mobile Computing
CSIS 590 – Introduction to Cloud Computing
CSIS 636 – Database System Management & Assurance
CSIS 650 – System Development Life Cycle for Secure Application

Capstone Requirement: 3 Hours (Choose 1 course) (each course is 3 credit hours)

CSIS 630 – Independent Project Study in Cybersecurity
CSIS 631 – Practical Research in Cybersecurity I
CSIS 641 – Practical Research in Cybersecurity II

All Course descriptions are defined in the VUST School Catalog.