Leadership & Organization

The leadership of Virginia University of Science & Technology (VUST) is consisted of three groups: the Executive Management Team, Expert & Advisory Committees, and the Board of Directors& Trustees. The University’s Organization structure is

VUST Organization Chart

Executive Management Committee

The VUST Executive Team is a group of top level managers who are operating and managing the VUST in the strategic level with a macro-approach. All the executives are experienced senior managers who used to be the top leaders in higher educational institutes or government agencies of higher education or retired universities senior managers.  The roles of Executive Teams:

Management and Operation of the VUST;
Select, appoint, and remove the Senior Managers and staffs;
Select, appoint, and remove the authorized representatives in China and other regions; and
Propose the ICUE’s budget to the VUST BOD

Board of Directors & Trustees (BoD)

The VUST Inc. is a Corporation, the Board of Directors & Trustees is the governing and policy-making body for Virginia University of Science & Technology.  VUST’s BOD will play an active controlling role in governance of the university’s operation. The BOD of the VUST Inc. has nine members: Chairman of BOD, the President of the University, Secretary of BoD, two members (2) from major investors, two members (2) from administration and faculty committees, one (1) member as Independent BOD member, one (1) member as representative of students (one year term) and one (1) member as representative of alumni (one year term, vacated in first 3 years). All members of BOD have three-year’s terms, except for representatives of students and alumni.

Academic Expert Advisory Committee & Trustees (AEC) 

Committee members consist of senior professors onboard at VUST and external experts who are professors in the Accredited American Universities or well-known international Universities, as well as representatives from students. They are committed to helping VUST maintain a standard of excellence in education. The Committee is overseeing the academic quality for degree and non-degree programs at VUST, including supervising, monitoring, evaluating, and improving all academic programs at VUST.  This committee is under the supervision and direction of the President and reports to both President and the VUST Board of Directors & Trustees, to assure that all programs meet the requirement of SCHEV, Accreditation Organization, and US Department of Education, to meet with the needs of the community of students. It also reviews and approves all applications for VUST degrees.