Key Faculty

Selected Key Faculty at College of Cybersecurity

The following is a list of the key faculty at the College of Cybersecurity at the Virginia University of Science & Technology (VUST) . All faculty at VUST have Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science,  Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, or Information Technology. All professors are Senior Technical Managers/Directors, Chief Engineers, Chief Scientists, Project Engineers, or Chief Network Architects in Federal Governmental Agencies and large corporations with at least 15 years or experience in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. VUST professors are experts in the fields which they are teaching with the most popular IT theories, cutting-edge technologies, and industry demanded skills in the current job markets.

American InterContinental UniversityM.S.IT Technology & Management

Selected Professors at VUST




Dr. Paul Tiao,

Professor at Georgetown Univ.,
Senior Counselor for Cybersecurity & Technology to Director of FBI
Columbia University J.D. 1995 Law School
Princeton University M.A. Public Affairs
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) B.S. Bioelectrical Engineering & Pre-med

Dr. Harry Wechsler,

Full Professor at George Mason Univ. IEEE Fellow
University of California, Irvine Ph.D. 1975 Computer Science
University of California, Irvine M.S. Computer Science
University of California, Irvine B.S. Computer Science

Dr. Doris Sartor

Senior Executive Director and Professor at USAF Air Command and Staff College. US Air Force
Auburn University Ph.D. 1992 Higher Educational Leadership & Technology
Atlanta University M.A. Counselling
Limestone College B.A. Counselling & Psychology
Dr. John Jiang, CISSP
Senior Director of HCM Cloud Operations Security, SAP.
Columbia University Ph.D. 1991 Electrical & Computing Engineering
Columbia University M.S. Electrical Computing Engineering
Peking University (No. 1 in China) B.S. Physics

Dr. Jim Chen,

Professor of George Mason Univ.,
Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of AIP/IEEE Computing in Science & Engineering (CiSE).
University of Central Florida Ph.D. 1995 Computer Science
Southwest Jiaotong University M.S. Computer Science
Southwest Jiaotong University B.S. Computer Science

Dr. Bradley D. Taylor,

Professor of Univ. of The District of Columbia,
George Washington University Ph.D. 2015 Computer Science
George Washington University M.S. Computer Science
US Naval Academy B.S. System Engineering

Dr. Siwen Wang,

Fmr. Adjunct Professor of Carnegie Mellon University,
Senior IT Specialist, IBM
Carnegie Mellon University Ph.D. 1994 Physics & EE
Northwest University M.S. Physics & CS
Northwest University B.S. Physics & CS

Dr. Paul Wang, CISSP, CCISO, CISM,

Professor and Program Director of Cybersecurity at UMUC., Fmr. Professor at GMU.
George Mason University Ph.D. 2004 Computing Science
Southwest Jiaotong University M.S. Computing Science
Southwest Jiaotong University B.S. Computing Science

Dr. Zhijun Zhang,

Professor of Drexel Univ.,
Lead Security Architect, World Bank Group
University of Maryland Ph.D. 1999 Computing Science
University of Maryland M.S. Computing Science
Peking University (No. 1 in China) B.S. Computing Science

Dr. Vera McKethan

Chief of Air Force Learning Branch, Pentagon, DoD
University of Phoenix Ph.D. 2006 Curriculum Development and Assessment
Troy University of Montgomery M.S. Higher Education Counselling
Troy University of Montgomery B.S. General Science

Dr. Sean Wang

Professor of Computer Science at University of Texas, University of St. Thomas, and Winthrop University , etc.
George Mason University Ph.D. 2003 Computer Science
Southwest Jiaotong University M.S. Computer Science
Southwest Jiaotong University B.S. Computing Engineering

Dr. George Zhang, CCIE, CCSP

Chief Scientist of Security and Senior Consultant of Cyber Security to DoD, DISA, NIH, AOC, WMATA, etc.
University of Utah Ph.D. 1994 Electrical & Computing Engineering
University of Utah M.S. Physics
Fudan University (No. 3 in China) B.S. Electrical & Computing Engineering
Dr. Charley Liu,
Principal Engineer of Data Science & Security
University of Pittsburg Ph.D. 2008 Physics
Carnegie Mellon University M.S. Computing Science
University of Science & Technology of China B.S. Physics & Computing Science
Dr. Yi Pang, MCSE
Professor of Tongji Univ.
Chief of Scientist of Information Assurance
University of Maryland Ph.D. 1990 Physics & EE
University of Maryland M.S. Computing Engineering
Fudan University B.S. Physics
Dr. Yunming Song, CISSP, CCSP, CCIE, 
President, International Applied Technology Research Institute
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (No. 4) Ph.D. 1995 Electronic & Communication Engineering
Tsinghua University (No. 2 in China) M.S. Electronic Engineering
Shanghai University of Science and Technology B.S. Electronic Engineering

Dr. Leon Zhao,

Adj. Professor of U. of Maryland, B.C.
Senior Backbone Capability Planner & Senior Security Specialist at Time Warner Cable
North Carolina State University Ph.D. 2002 Computer Science
Chinese Academy of Science (No.10) M.S. Computer Science
Nankai University (No. 8 in China) B.S. Computer Science

Dr. Joe Hua, OCP, PMP

Adj. Professor of Southeastern Univ.
Senior Information System Security Architect at US Dept. of HHS
University of Delaware Ph.D. 1995 Transportation Engineering with emphasis on Computing Artificial Intelligence
Kobe University (No. 11 in Japan) M.S. Science
Chang An University B.S. Science

Dr. Martin Ma, PMP

Professor at 8+ universities in both US and China,
Project Chief Scientist of Information Assurance Architect in DoD, NASA, Raytheon, Boeing, EarthSat, etc.
University of Oklahoma Ph.D. 1993 GIS, Remote Science & Computer Modelling
University of Denver Ph.D. (A.B.D.) Satellite Telecommunication & Information Management
University of Northern Iowa M.S. Geographic Information System

Dr. Ronald Pan,

Professor at VIU and UoNA,
Chief IT Security Architect at Fairfax County
Oklahoma State University Ph.D. 1996 Computational Chemistry
Jilin University M.S. Computational Chemistry
Jilin University (No. 9 in China) B.S. Computing Chemistry Engineering

Dr. Xi Jiang

Adj. Professor at Johns Hopkins University,
Senior Network Security Architect at AT&T Bell Labs
University of Washington Ph.D. 1989 Electrical Engineering
University of Washington M.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Hawaii B.S. Electrical Engineering

Dr. Kaichang Zhang, TOGAS, IBM, ITIL

Professor of UoNA,
CTO in HP Enterprise Services, Senior Enterprise Architect & System Engineer, DoD, DHA, DHMS Executive Office
University of Maryland Ph.D. 1996 Physics & EE
University of Maryland M.S. Physics & EE
Southwestern Jiaotong University B.S. Physics

Dr. Zhibo Zheng, Neo4J, ICP

Senior Data Scientist and Analytics Lead, in Booz Allen Hamilton
Columbia University Ph.D. 2008 Dynamic System Engineering
Wuhan University M.S. Dynamic System Engineering
Wuhan University B.S. Dynamic System Engineering

Prof. Derek Smith, CISSP, CCISO, CISM, CEH, CEI, CHFI, CAP, CNDA, CSSA, etc.

Senior IT Program Manager in Internal Revenue Services(IRS), Adj. Professors at UMUC, UMBC, SNHU, Strayer, etc.
Nova Southeastern University Ph.D. Program (A.B.D.) 2011 IT Leadership and Management
University of Maryland M.S. Information Assurance
American InterContinental University M.S. IT Technology & Management

Prof. Wallace Hu, OCP, OCM, CCP.

Senior Director of Big Data Analytics & Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Adj. Professors at UoNA, etc.
University of Delaware Ph.D. Program (A.B.D.)1995 Operation Research & Urban Planning
University of Delaware M.S. Urban Affairs and Planning
University of Shanghai for Science & Technology M.S. Information System Engineering