How to Application


Steps of Applications

1.  First Step: Determine this program is what you are interested.

Virginia University currently offer the Master of Science in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance (MSCIA). It is the most popular field in the market with high paid-salary. However, it is also a very challenge job. So, you should ensure this program is what you are looking for and interesting to pursuit as your career in future.

2.  Second Step: Check Requirements

Before you start to application process, you must check the program MSCIA requirements to ensure that you are qualified this program admission requirements.  Please click here to read MSCIA requirement checklist. Also visit web page of Admission requirement.

3.  Third Step: Apply

You have two ways to apply MSCIA program:

1). Fill out the application form

Please download Application forms. fill out the form and submit to VUST Admission Office via email:

Download Application Form: 
Application Form [PDF]
Application Form [WORD]

2). Online Application

a.  Go to online application page:

b.  Create a new account

c.  Fill out all the questions page-by-page.

d.  upload requirement documents

e.  Make sure all information are correct and submit it.

Please note, don’t forget send an email to or to notify that you complete your online application.

4.  Forth Step: Submit All Required Documents

All admission documents must be received before a decision can be rendered. All required documents can be viewed under Domestic Admission or International Admission. Unless otherwise noted, electronic submission of documents is preferred.

1).  One official and up-to-date copy of all transcripts of the applicant’s undergraduate and graduate record.

2).  At least two letters of recommendation, preferably from former professors and/or supervisors.

3).  A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with GPA of 3.0 or above.

4). Completion of the Application Form, including a 300-500 words essay outlining your reasons for wanting to be graduate student at VUST.

5).  Pay $60 non-refundable application fee.

Please note: Applicants’ bachelor major is not in Computer Engineering/Science, Information Technology, EE, nor computing related fields, they have following options:

a.  Provide IT Professional Certifications, such as A+, Network+, Security+, MCSA, MCSE, CANN, CCNP, CEH, CISSP, CCIE, etc. to demonstrate the qualification, or

b.  Personal Interview by VUST Academic Committee to ensure the applicant qualified to be admitted. or

c.  Applicant must take a qualification exam to determine if need take some prerequisite computer science courses.


a.  If an applicant without Bachelor degree, but S/he has Associate Degree with more than 5 years working experience as IT Specialist, Computing Engineer, Software Programmer, IT Help Desk Specialist, IT Consultant, IT Manager, also has all three IT professional certifications: Network+, Security+ and CEH, the applicant will be admitted as Provisional Status.

b.  If an applicant without Bachelor degree, nor Associate Degree but S/he has more than 10 years working experience as Senior IT Specialist, Sr. Computing Engineer, Sr. Software Programmer, Sr. IT Help Desk Specialist, Sr. IT Consultant, IT Manager, also has all three IT professional certifications: Network+, Security+ and CEH, the applicant will also be admitted as Provisional Status.

5.    Fifth Step: Application Processing

Once your paper Application Form/VUST Online Application and required documents have been submitted, your application will be processed and an admission decision will be made. If there are any missing documents, you may be contacted via email to provide them before an admission decision is made.

Admission Office:
8400 Westpark Dr. Suite 118
Tysons, VA 22102

Tel: 703-298-5850 0r 202-437-1978
email: or