Finance Aid

Finance1VUST is sensitive and responsive to our students’ varying needs and circumstances. We will provide limited financial aid through governmental grants, student loans from VUST’s partnered Banks, and university’s scholarships.  These programs would make VUST’s costs comparable to most institutions.

The Office of Financial Aid is available to counsel prospective and current students on the types of aid available and to help you through the application and funding process. University will announce the two types of scholarship soon.

Please note: VUST is a new university and is not in the list of FAFSA website yet. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact VUST finance office.

Government Grant

(ISC)2 and Raytheon Women’s Cybersecurity Scholarship:  This scholarship is funded by Federal Funds. Please visit Scholarship page.

 Student Loans from VUST’s Partnered Banks

SunTrust Bank Student Loans:  VUST has been a partner with SunTrust Bank since 2009. SunTrust Bank and VUST has  agreement that SunTrust agrees to offer student loan to VUST students as students from other accredited universities/colleges.

Student Loan Tuition Discount Policy:  Students that obtain loans to pay tuition and fees from VUST partner banks, such as SunTrust Bank, will receive a tuition discount equal to the initial annual interest rate payable on such loans (e.g. 4% tuition discount if the initial interest rate of the loan is 4% per annum). Please visit financial policy page.