ESL5Certification of English as Second Language (ESL) Program

The English as Second Language (ESL) Program is designed for VUST students with a strong academic background that have immigrated to the United States from non-English speaking countries.  The program is designed to improve the English proficiency of these students in the areas of reading, speaking, writing, listening, and general communication, so that the students may succeed in VUST’s other program offerings. Fluency and accuracy in both spoken and written English are emphasized. After a student has completed all program courses with a satisfactory grade, VUST will admit the student into other academic programs of his/her choice.

This ESL Program is divided into two sections (Level I and Level II). Prior to enrollment, students will take the VUST English Proficiency Test (EPT). Students that score lower than 80 on the EPT, that do not have a TOFL iBT Test score, or that have a TOEFL iBT Test score lower than 70, must enroll in Level I courses.  Students that score higher than 80 on the EPT or that have a TOEFL iBT Test score of 70 or above may enroll in the Level II courses.  Students that complete the Level I courses must then enroll in and complete the Level II courses prior to enrolling in VUST’s other academic programs.

Each section (Level I and Level II) is nine weeks long and consists of four courses with 20 hours of class per week, as follows:

ESL 101 – Advanced English Reading (I, II)
ESL 102 – Advanced English Listening (I, II)
ESL 103 – Advanced English Writing and Grammar (I, II)
ESL 104 – Advanced English Speaking & Communication Skills (I, II)