Intern Positions

internship4Job Title: Intern

Job Announcement: VUST-Interns

Position Information

Job Category: Internship
Job Type: Full Time (2), Part Time (3)
Location: 8400 Westpark DR. Tysons Corner, Virginia, 22102
Attn: Jim Wilson, VP Administration

Teaching Assistant (3)
IT Assistant (2)
Curriculum Development Assistant (1)
Accounting Assistant (1)
Administration Assistant (1)

The Qualification Requirements :

A Bachelor or Master degree students from an accredited American University, with the following Majors/Specialist:

Computer Science, Computing Engineering
Database Design and Development
Graphic Design
Computer Applications – Web Design and Development
Education Management, Curriculum Design and Development
Information/Cyber/Networking Security
Information Management System
Business Administration and Management
Electronic Engineering

An Undergraduate and Graduate GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.25 or higher on a 4.0 scale, Submit official copy of transcription.

Foreign Students, whose native language is NOT English, must provide TOFEL Score Report  —  Score must be 95 or above.

Three recommendation letters are mandatory: one must come from who knows you very well in last three years, two must come from your professors at your university; one optional: come from a previous employer that you had worked more than 3 months

All recommenders must provide their contact information, including a daily telephone number and email address so that VUST can verify the information.

All Candidates may require background Check if necessary.

2 Months commitment beginning is required

Completion of the Application Form, including a 300-500 words essay outlining your reasons for wanting to be Intern at VUST.

strong>General Duties & Working Hours

Although the duties vary daily, the average working load ranges from 4 to 6 hours every day. The tasks are assigned by your professors or manager. This includes web design, development, maintenance, update, develop school database, or any applications.

Application Processing Deadlines for every year:

Application form (download application form and fill out it, email it to ) with CV and Personal Statement must be received by May 10

All required documents must be received by May 16
Decision will be noted no later than May 25
Accept/or Reject Letter will be sent to you no later than May 30
First work day is first week of June

Specific notice: VUST may also open some positions anytime, please don’t hesitate to contact via Email and apply Today!