Corporate Sponsorship

sponsor2Why Giving Matters

The difference between a good institution and a great one is the support of its corporation partners and corporation sponsorship. From annual gifts that make an immediate impact to endowed and planned gifts that last for generations, your support helps to ensure a bright future for VUST and our students. No matter the amount, your gift does make a big difference in future.


Creating a partnership with Virginia University of Science & Technology can help a company meet it challenges in new ways. Here at VUST, we work with corporations to establish a mutual relationship that will advance the mission and priorities of our University, while creating valuable opportunities for our corporate partners.

Private philanthropic organizations can collaborate with our office to advance the academic and institutional goals of our University. Together, we can identify partners for priorities such as scholarships and fellowships, faculty research and research projects, and even in-kind gifts and sponsorships.

VUST encourages our partner corporations to setup corporation’s scholarship or fellowship by using its corporation name, corporation’s owner/founder’s name or corporation’s products’/brand name, etc.

Please contact the Office of Development at 703-298-5852 or via our contact form to discuss partnership opportunities for your company or foundation.