Board of Directors & Trustees (BOD)

VUST BoD Members

Distance learning centerVUST is a Corporation duly organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Board of Directors & Trustees (BOD) is the governing and policy-making body for VUST. The BOD has seven members: a Chairman, a Secretary, two (2) Trustee members (of which one shall be an investor and one shall be an original shareholder), a representative of the faculty, an alumni member (one-year term, vacant in first 3 years) and a student representative (one-year term, non-voting member, vacant in the first year). The Trustee members of the BOD shall be appointed upon recommendation by the Chairman and President of VUST. All members of the BOD have 3-year terms, except student, faculty and alumni members. The roles of the BOD are described as, but not limited to, the following tasks:

BoD Functions & Roles

Make final decisions, policies and regulations for VUST.

Give final approval to VUST’s budget, business plans, university development strategy, campus selection, etc.

Hire or terminate VUST’s President.

Hire or terminate the Provost, and Senior VPs.

Approve University’s executives, senior staff members’ and faculty’s salaries and benefits.

Approve University’s consultants’ and contractors’ compensation, bonus and commissions.

Give approval to grant shares to un-original members and investors.

Approve the addition or removal of VUST academic majors, departments, and colleges that proposed by Academic Committee and recommended by President.

Review and approve proposed degrees, certification and professional programs.

Approve changes to VUST tuition and fees.

Approve whether students meet all required academic standards and agree to grant degrees to the students.

Approve the VUST’s honorary degrees.

Term of BoD

The Trustees of the BOD are appointed upon recommendation by the Chairman of BOD. The VUST BOD members serve for a 3-year, renewable term. This is an honorable and volunteer position without salary or compensation. The BOD will meet two times per year and special meeting(s) under Chairman required.